Dr. Matt Diesselhorst addressing the tournament field of 128 coaches and golfers from over 60+ schools at Cherokee Hills Golf Course, where he hosted the 3rd annual Coaches Clinic scramble.

2016 Coaches clinic hosted by Dr. Diesselhorst. Shown here with his high school Coach, Mark VanMeter.

2016 Coaches Clinic Golf Scramble. Dr. Diesselhorst is shown with his high school coach and several teammates.

2016 Coaches Clinic Golf Scramble, C

2016 Coaches Clinic Golf Scramble, Cherokee Hills Golf Course.

Dr. Diesselhorst and friends sideline at a football game.

Dr. Diesselhorst and friends sideline at a football game.

Lake Tahoe celebrity golf tournament with the NBA MVP, Stephen Curry and Jason Holm.

During Dr. Diesellhorst's Sports Medicine Fellowship - U.S. Freestyle Ski Championships 2013- Heavenly Lake Tahoe

Europa Cup Alpine Ski Event 2013, Sarentino, Italy (Italian Alps)- Sports Medicine Fellowship.

U.S. Freestyle Ski Championships 2013-- Heavenly Lake Tahoe during Dr. Diesellhorst's Sports Medicine Fellowship.

Dr. Diesselhorst with the U.S. Freestyle Ski team during his Sports Medicine Fellowship.

With the team at the Europa Cup Alpine Ski Event 2013, Bayerisch Eisenstein, Bavarian Forest, Germany.

We received this cute photo and note from the family of a Cashion High School coach. We work with the Cashion sports teams. "Thank you Dr. Diesselhorst! She's only slightly excited about all the attention she's going to get."

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